Ticket Purchase!

The premiere of A Tasmanian Requiem will be on the 13th of April at the Theatre Royal, with two further performances on the 14th. To get your tickets, click through to the Theatre Royal website and Book now to avoid missing out.

9/02/2018 Update

Tasmanian Requiem will be participating in the Theatre Royal’s Back Stage program – “Meet the Company”. Held at Fullers Bookshop on Sunday 8th April from 3 -4 pm.
It will be facilitated by David Sudmalis, Director of Arts Tasmania and will include Helen Thompson (Composer), Greg Lehman (Librettist), Tom Buckmaster (Tenor) and Madelena Anderson-Ward (Soprano).
This event is free, but places are limited to please RSVP to

1/02/2018 Update

Producer Frances Butler was interviewed on ABC Hobart radio chat by Ryk Goddard on the 29th of January! If you’d like to listen to the entire session you can do so on ABC Hobart’s website here.

Or, if you’d like to just listen to the relevant segment, you can download the 5 minute file here.

29/01/2018 Update

We’ve launched our Pozible campaign! We want to be able to distribute the film of the concert performance to all schools and libraries in Tasmania, for free, and this is where we need your support. It is not a cheap exercise to produce but we believe it is invaluable and will complete the project.

There are a range of rewards available depending on the amount provided, and more than that you’d be helping us to provide this valuable resource to schools and libraries for free. So, if you can, please pledge to support the project, and if you’re not in a position to help out financially, give it a share on social media!

7/10/2016 Update

The concept for ‘A Tasmanian Requiem’ was formed in early 2015 and has since become a much larger and more viable project than anyone on the team had foreseen.  

Because of this, and our commitment to producing a work that does justice to the concept and the participating artists, we have expanded the timeframe and rescheduled the Premiere season to April 2018.

After consulting with our funding partners, the Australia Council and Arts Tasmania, already granted funds have been secured for the time extension.

We now look forward to exploring the addition of a mentoring program and education package, subject to future grants. The outcome for this is extending skills for emerging performers and production crew, and extending the work beyond performance into classrooms across the State.

Stay with us, it will be worth the wait!